Magdalena and the brothers Peter and Martin Polin

Hello Marisa,

I have been working on our part of the family tree. I am missing some dates and will search a little further. Will send what I have in the next few days. My understanding of my great grand-parents, Magdalena and Martin Polin is that two brothers, Peter Polin and Martin Polin came from Zillis because the land in Switzerland was too small to support the large family.
I am not sure, but think that a brother, Sebastian and sister, Rosa, were left in Zillis. There may have been more siblings. If so, I never heard their names. When Aunt Elsie (Elsbeth) contacted TB, she was ordered to a dry climate for a year--either Arizona or Switzerland were recommended. She spent a year in Switzerland and was asked at that time to stay and be given
the family land, as there were no children in Switzerland. She returned to marry Uncle Frank but never had children because of her hearing loss from TB. I was fortunate enough to receive letters from her regularly as a little girl and our family visited Aunt Elsie and Uncle Frank when I was a teenager. Both were relatives of which we can be proud.

According to mother, Peter and Magdalena had two children, Anna and Joseph. The Alma historical book calls him Joshua, but I never heard family members mention that name. Peter died on the night he was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate. The Swiss tradition was for an unmarried brother to marry a widow to be sure she and her children were provided for. Martin married Magdalena and they had five children, as your chart shows. Rose was married for a year, but never had children. Oscar, my grandfather, had 5 children and I have listed them and will forward that list on along with their children and grandchildren. All of his 5 children are now deceased. The Martin that lived in Utah, mentioned in your letter to Cullen, was the middle, 3rd child, and the last survivor.

I confused you with Juanita and Jose's daughters, Elsa, Elena and Marina whom I met in Alcapulco in 1957. I did not know of Evita. We also met Elsa, with Rolando and ChaCha at that time and Elsa met us again in Mexico City. I knew Julia as she came to San Luis several times and she had our entire family for Christmas at her home in Alcapulco one year when my boys were teenagers. We all thought the world of Julia.

Thank you for all your work. I'll try to help.

Fondly, Rosemarie Carrington

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