Hermanos Manuel y Eduardo

Foto de 1993 ?. Jessef (grandson of Manuel), Manuel Eduardo (son of Ml), Manuel Polin Loustaunau, Eduardo 'Minto' (brother of M), Dinorah (niece of M) y Monica Polin (daughter of M).


Mark Polin

Dear Marisa,
As you may know, my father, O. Martin Polin, son of Oscar Polin, passed away on August 17, 2007. I have a brother, Martin, and a sister, Elizabeth, and my mother's name is Susan. My sister Elizabeth found your website 'polink' shortly after my father passed away, and my mother, sister, and I enjoyed reading about you and your family and your vocation as a visual artist.
My family and I very much appreciate your family website, Los Polin, and we look forward to future postings and to our providing information that would contribute to the collection of knowledge about the family. We have some family photos of my father, his parents and brothers and sisters which we would like to share with you in due course. I look forward to corresponding with you.
Kind regards,
Mark Polin


Aunt Annie

On the back of this photo is a note: "To our dear aunt Annie, from Martin, Robert, and Magda." Martin, Robert (or Roberto) (twins), and Magda are three of Joseph Polin's children.

Aunt Annie, or Anna Marie Polin Miley was the daughter of Peter and Magdalena Polin. She was Joseph Polin's sister. Here is a photo of her:

This photo was used to create a large portrait which now hangs in the entryway of my parents' house in Indiana, USA.


Polin Women

This evening I visited home and was able to bring back a wealth of stories, photos and letters about my family.  

This is a photo of four generations of Polin women.  The woman sitting on the left is Magdalena Liesch Polin.  Her daughter Anna Marie Polin Miley is sitting on the right.  Anna Marie's daughter, Madeline Miley Beck, is in the middle.  And the little girl is Madeline's daughter, Magdalena's great-granddaughter, Suzanne Beck Loos -- my grandmother.  


Descendants of Peter and Magdalena

They had only two children:
Anna Marie Polin Miley (Nana or Tanny)
and Joseph or Joe.

The Mexican side are all descendants of Joseph.
I had just been contacted by one of the descendants of Anna Marie, Sarah Loos.
Here is her own text:

Hi Marisa,

I'm so glad you got in touch with me. I am a computer science and math major in my last year at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas.
My father has done some research (along with my step mom) on our family history, so I've Cc'ed him on this email.
I am also a descendant of Peter and Magdalena Polin. They had a daughter, Anna Marie Polin Miley or Nana, as my family calls her. Nana had a daughter, Madeline Miley Beck. Madeline then had a daughter, Suzanne Beck Loos, who was my grandmother. She had two sons: Bruce Loos and Gary Loos (my father). So that makes me the great-great-great granddaughter of Peter and Magdalena Polin. Which means we're third cousins, once removed.
I've also included an email below that my dad sent me before I met Barbara Tuffli and Cullen Coates in California. It has a little more information about the people I mentioned before.
I am really looking forward to reading Los Polin and finding out more about you. I also have a blog, though it doesn't have a purpose, just for fun and keeping in contact: www.sarahloos.blogspot.com.
I'll try to sort through some of the family info with my dad and then hopefully we can send you some compiled information!

Best, Sarah Loos
The next text is from her father Gary Loos:
I enjoyed visiting with Barbara and Rick over dinner in 1983. Give them my regards and tell them that I have visited Alma several times since then, including a visit to the cemetery just south of town....very interesting.
Nana (Anna Marie Polin Miley) (portrait outside your room) was Grandma Suzanne's mother's mother. Barbara Coates Tuffli is also a descendant of Nana's mother, Magdalena Polin. You are a descendant of Magdalena and Peter Polin. Barbara is a descendant of Magdalena and Peter's brother, Martin Polin. Nana grew up in Alma, Wisconsin.
Nana married Lucius Miley and moved to Spokane, Washington where he managed the department store. Nana was the lead sewing person for the store. Nana and Lucius had two daughters. One was Madeline, who was Grandma Suzanne's mother, my grandmother whom I knew well. When Madeline was a teenager, 190_), Lucius impregnated someone in Spokane. He then moved to Australia in disgrace! (Times were different. This was an ostracizing offense.)
Love, Dad (Gary Loos)


Martin Polin in Tasmania

The wildlife reserve (526ha) Something Wild was donated by the American conservationist and businessman Martin Polin.
In December 2004, Martin Polin, donated about 1000 acres of land to Something Wild for the Conservation, Rehabilitation and Education on native Wildlife. For many years, Martin purchased land such as this, which he has locked up for wildlife. The land incorporated in this gift has been preserved by Martin for approximately 30 years and he has entrusted it to continue and expand upon this important work.
Unfortunately Martin Polin passed away last year.

Something Wild is near Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania, 45 minutes north west of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart.
The reserve is a Non Government Funded Private wildlife sanctuary and is the worlds largest Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary encompassing approx. 1200 acres. The main visitor site covers an area of 30 acres allowing plenty of space for these animals to feed and interact as they would in the wild.
More about it at Scoop Travel.