Martin Polin in Tasmania

The wildlife reserve (526ha) Something Wild was donated by the American conservationist and businessman Martin Polin.
In December 2004, Martin Polin, donated about 1000 acres of land to Something Wild for the Conservation, Rehabilitation and Education on native Wildlife. For many years, Martin purchased land such as this, which he has locked up for wildlife. The land incorporated in this gift has been preserved by Martin for approximately 30 years and he has entrusted it to continue and expand upon this important work.
Unfortunately Martin Polin passed away last year.

Something Wild is near Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania, 45 minutes north west of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart.
The reserve is a Non Government Funded Private wildlife sanctuary and is the worlds largest Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary encompassing approx. 1200 acres. The main visitor site covers an area of 30 acres allowing plenty of space for these animals to feed and interact as they would in the wild.
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Sarah Loos dijo...

A letter from Bill and Elizabeth in the 1980s to Suzanne Beck Loos that mentions Martin in Tasmania:

"Merry Christmas -
We moved to Pasadena in June... Our family seems to be well - Rose went to Scandinavia a few months ago; Martin is home for the holidays from Tasmania. All good wishes for the new year -
With love,
Bill and Elizabeth"