My Grandmother's visit to Acapulco

My grandmother Suzanne and her husband Dick visited relatives in Mexico in May 1976. Here are a couple of photos with the family at the Pierre Marques Hotel.

Jose Polin, Juanita, Suzanne, Julia, Dick

Jose Polin, Suzanne, and Juanita
(I'm not sure who the couple and their daughter is. The photo appears to be marked Mr. & Mrs. Aznar and daughter.)

Jose Polin is the grandson of Peter and Magdalena Polin, and the son of Joseph polin, Julia is his sister and Juanita is his wife. So Julia and Jose are siblings of Magda, Robert, and Martin who are shown (much younger) in a picture in a previous post. My grandma Suzanne is their first cousin, once removed.

Sarah Loos

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Marisa Polin dijo...

Hallo Sarah,
I think Mr. and Mrs. Aznar are Elsa (Elsita) Polin, her husband and the daughter must be Ana Gabriela Aznar Polin.
Elsa is the daughter of Jose and Juanita.
Nice photo's. Is good to know they cared about the family members from abroad, in both directions.