Roberto Polin Tapia

My grandfather Roberto Polin Tapia lived as a child in the Chapultepec Castle when his uncle Alvaro Obregón was president of Mexico. The story I have heard is that he was in charge of giving the Chinese cook the daily ammount of money for the food. What he did was to exchange the gold coins he received into less valuable coins and that is how he made some money. I don't know how truth is this story and/of how often it happened.
What I am sure of is that the eagle I have now in my home was the national symbol on top of the flag at the Castle. Why he got it or how I don't know.
It ended in the hands of my father Manuel Polin Loustaunau and I saw it my whole life at home. In November 1998 I asked him for the eagle after his death. He said No! But you will be dead- I said. No!- was again his answer.
Six months later he was dead. As we arrived home after his wake the first thing my mother did was to give me the eagle. But he didn't want it that I would have it - I responded. You take it because I want to- she finalized.
So it is now at my home and as I look at it I think of the stories I mentioned, my family , my childhood and my country.
Marisa Polin, The Hague

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