Rose McKeen

Thinking of Rose McKeen from her granddaughter Tara L. Mitchell (McKeen)

Hi Marisa,

My name is Tara L Mitchell, (My maiden name is McKeen). My father is Jack McKeen, son of Rose L. Polin McKeen Riley. I ran across you blog about "Los Polin" on a little whim; I was missing my grandmother for it would have been her 96th birthday today... It's kinda silly but I googled her name in hopes I would find out something new about her and wow I found you!

I think I remember being a pre-teen and your family visiting from Mexico, we all ate dinner at my Grandma Rose's house in SLO Town Ca. Do you happen to remember this? It was the '80's, You would have been a teen yourself; if I remember correctly. What a small world. I also remember (I think it was you giving me a black scarf -I really loved it!) and hearing all about Papas and Beer... This was somewhere I always wanted to go but my road was to have a family instead... My big plan was to visit Rosita or Ensanada when I reached 18, and see for myself all the beautiful sights my parents Jack and Joyce, and Aunts, Uncles and Grandma had been raving about for years.

My father Jack is currently living in Rose's old home. Grandma passed away a couple years ago, and I have been thinking of her a lot these days because, in her last years; my Mitchell family (my husband Greg, son Jeff & daughter Ashley-cared for her in her home...) anyways the last time I saw her was on Halloween, so close to her birthday.

Grandma always wanted a family tree and had many stories to tell including stories of your family too--she would be very proud of you and would have loved to have had a hands on role of adding to the blog I am sure. She actually wrote a book called "Parade Along the Creek"; it was about her history growing up in San Luis Obispo. Have you ever heard of it? She wrote it about 8 years or so before she passed and something remarkable about that was that she was unfortunately going blind during this time, and yet still had the courage and determination to (and much help form people like my Aunt Rosemarie) finish and publish! It is quite a story for a lot of locals around here. We really enjoy it!

In your blog; it was cool to read about Uncle Martin and read what Aunt Rosemarie had to offer. These days the family is so busy with their own lives (our own little families) we don't talk much anymore. It is very sad but since the passing of my Uncle Bill Grandma's first son and since she passed so has Her sister Elisabeth and Brother Burt and as you know Martin Polin; our new families seem to take precedence. My dad (Jack) has many photos and we like to reminisce and tell old stories it is so interesting to us to find out family history and it just keeps us close to those we have lost.

After viewing your site I quickly called my father and he would be very interested to share some old stories or pictures with you. Would it be possible for him to get a hold of you some how, besides the computer? (he is not so hip to it) I told him about the "Los Polin" website and decided I would just print it out for him.. He was very grateful and he started remembering how he visited Mexico w/my mom, and you were a great hostess while your parents were busy with other obligations.

Looking forward to your reply & thanks again for starting the blog.

Tara L. Mitchell (McKeen)
of SLO Town Caifornia

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Thank you for replying! So it is true; we are cousins & you are the same "beautiful Mexican Cousin" I remember dining with. It sounds so funny remembering back to then; see your visit was probably my first eye opener to another culture (Mexico) other than my own (SLO---I kinda think I lived in a bubble..)... So of coarse I glamorized your visit; & why wouldn't I you were just a bit older than I (as I said before beautiful) and gosh u brought me presents... no wonder my starry eyes were so impressed. Now thank God my bubble has popped and there is much diversity in SLO & I have had some opportunities to travel (not as much as you). & like you I am a mom,my kids are 16 yrs and 12 yrs old. Wow how time gets the best of us! And I am a preschool teacher for Head Start Preschool and most of my students are from Mexico--funny how life runs us in circles that loop around and bring us back to earlier experiences. (I hope that makes since. lol) So you do not need to blog this e-mail I just wanted to catch up with you, but I will try to get some good photos from my dad to send for the blog soon! I could also update the SLO Family Tree if you would like.

So about you; you are an artist, Mother, and now live in the Netherlands? Wow you are busy! I checked out some of your art work online it is really creative & vibrant!
So, I really wonder do you remember visiting here, and do you still have any family in Ensenada or Rosarito? Also do you think you might ever come for a visit here to the States in the near future?

Well gotta go it is great to connect with you!

Tara L. Mitchell (McKeen)