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I just received this today and together with the letters of Sarah, Mark, Tara and Karen from the last months this makes it very big news. It means we may have found the link to the family in Switzerland and the book probably will give us even more information.

Dear Marisa,
It is exactly a week ago that a very exciting book concerning the emigration has come out: Peter Michael, "Hier hört man keine Glocken", Verlag Hier+Jetzt"
In that book you can see the following pictures:

I suppose you do know very well both pictures from your ancestors!
In your page you mention some of my ancestors with name Polin and Grischott. I am not sure at this moment if those are yours ancestors too, but the author from the book above could explain this very exactly.
The maiden name from Martin and Peter Polin's wife (born 1831) was Magdalena Liesch. Peter Polin's mother was Ursula Camenisch and Martin's mother was Elsbeth Camenisch. So they were half-brothers.
If you are interested in more informations concerning Zillis or the Polin-Genealogy then please send us a sign.
Peider Grischott

(On the first photo:
Magdalena and Martin Polin with her two older children, and their 5 younger children and ?
The second photo: my great grandfather Joe Polin and I indeed know the photo. Note: Marisa Polin)

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Marisa Polin dijo...

Dear Peider,

I am very glad to receive this mail from you.
From the photo's you sent I have only seen the second one of my grandfather's father Joe Polin. On the first one I can assume who is each one by the information I already have.
As you also said I am also not sure that this is the family relation Grischott-Polin. I found the information some time ago, and we are not necessarily the same Polin as in mentioned in my source. (But on the other hand it is the same small area of Zillis Andeer!)
I suppose you could be nearer to know who is whom as you still are in Switzerland.
The surprise is big to know about the interest from the Swiss side to research on their citizens that left to the USA. I would have expected the interest in the other direction. I wonder how many (mainly men) left the Canton Grison at that time, and at the same time the stream of Swiss young men was very strong at the area of Wisconsin were the Polin's originally went to.
As you may have read in the blog, many Polin had been coming to Zillis and Andeer trying to find out more of their past, but most of the times being confronted by impossible communication or lack of sources. The times have changed and we can bring the information together as we are doing it now via internet.
From my grand father's generation the only living brother of cousin is Enrique Polin. He is deaf and very old, so more and more we have to build the puzzle from the memories of those who had been best informed by their parents and grand parents. The oral history is my main source and inspiration.
I would love to have the book you mentioned and or get in contact with the writer of the book. I suppose my husband could help me with translation.

Thanks again for sending this information and please let me know more about the Grischott-Polin and also about the immigrant wave. Of course I also would like to know more of the history of the area.

All my regards,
Marisa Polin