Aunt Annie

On the back of this photo is a note: "To our dear aunt Annie, from Martin, Robert, and Magda." Martin, Robert (or Roberto) (twins), and Magda are three of Joseph Polin's children.

Aunt Annie, or Anna Marie Polin Miley was the daughter of Peter and Magdalena Polin. She was Joseph Polin's sister. Here is a photo of her:

This photo was used to create a large portrait which now hangs in the entryway of my parents' house in Indiana, USA.

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Marisa Polin dijo...

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for the posts and the photos.
I get to know the other Polin's and a bit about them.
The photo of my grandfather Roberto and his siblings I know it but I don't have it. As you can see they looked very much the same and on many of the photos they nor their families were able to recognize who was who. My father said that as a toddler used to cry twice, when his father left and also when his uncle left.
My father Manuel had a twin too, Roberto, but not identical. Their voice was the same, it confused me often.
Please place more photo's!

Sarah Loos dijo...


I have much more to add. I'm really looking forward to sorting through it. I'll post more when I can!

The back of the photo labels Martin on the left and Robert on the right. However, Robert was originally labeled on the left, but then his name was crossed out and replaced with Martin.

This makes me laugh, since it was written at the time it was sent to Anna, so it would seem that even their close family had trouble telling them apart sometimes.


Marisa Polin dijo...

I think that if we post what we remember, what we find and what we hear we can make an interesting recollection of the family.
Looking forward...